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The Modern Caveman - Dr Carl Bamlet

The Modern Caveman Book Cover by Carl Bamlet

Dr. Carl Bamlet D.C., C.N.S. is a Chiropractor and Certified Nutrition Specialist who focuses on diet and lifestyle interventions as a primary solution for his patients, listeners, viewers, and readers most common health concerns.  


Dr. Bamlet's thought process mixes Western scientific knowledge with Eastern traditional learning's and he focuses on helping you reshape your modern life using wisdom from the past.

The Modern Caveman, is a 106 page paperback guide to a healthier you through a paleo diet, exercise, and alternative medicine.

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The Modern Caveman Radio Interviews

Dr Carl Bamlet has an extraordinary amount of knowledge about how bodies function and what to do to help them function better, as well as how important a healthy body is to a better business.


On this weekly half hour show, Carl and Cuz talk about a wide range of health choices, business challenges and issues as well as highlighting health oriented Canterbury businesses.


Tune into the show on 96.9 Plains FM every Tuesday at 9am, download the podcasts on iTunes or check this page for updates.

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