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Low Back Pain

Low back pain presents in many variations. It may be just a low level ache or it can be searing pain right across the low back and in the upper leg. It must be distinguished from the rarer, and much more complicated disc protrusion/prolapse pain (about 1% of low back pain).

When low back pain presents as a developing problem which comes and goes under certain work, sleeping or other variable conditions, it is not the particular event that is causing the problem, but rather the event is just the final straw so to speak that pushes the body into de-compensation which shows as low back pain.


Even when pain onset is sudden, unless the cause is spectacular (see pain syndromes above), the cause is most likely a collection of smaller events that have a cumulative effect that resulted in minor injury (see underlying causes). Treatment must be aimed at the underlying causes that established the pattern that lead to functional failure.

Having said this, there is the usual list of suspects that are associated with low back pain. These include, stress-induced diaphragm problems, jaw or cranial faults, fixated lumbar vertebrae, and visceral problems including food intolerances.

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