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We recognise that Functional illness is present to some extent in everybody.

It presents as a combination of digestive problems, sleep disorders, lethargy, low grade depression, anxiety, neck pain, back pain, headaches, allergies, skin problems, flu-like symptoms, respiratory problems, sinus problems, chronic infections, low immunity, post viral syndromes and emotional fragility and many more such conditions. The strain on body systems brings them close to their functional limits and when other systems cannot compensate for the increased stress, there will be some degree of failure. It is this failure that produces the symptoms that are typical of functional illness.  

Where does functional illness come from?

  • Environment - Many of us live in a world where stress is so much a part of our everyday life. Prolonged body response at this high level wears us out fast. Our treatment reduces this response.

  • History – When we encounter challenging situations the body “learns a fix” which may not always be the best approach in later situations. Physical, emotional, immune or chemical traumas can set up automated responses or deep compensation patterns that are no longer appropriate but are still present.  We disrupt the unhelpful patterns that underpin symptoms.

  • Genetics – This is a very complex area. Our genetic makeup set the limits of our abilities and responses. Having said this though the process by which our genes (genetic record) express themselves is controlled by the presence of a protein shield that responds to our environment. We believe that genetic predisposition to a problem is not necessarily a guarantee it will happen.

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