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Initial Consult

Initial ACC Consult

Standard fee

ACC Follow up Consult

Family Consult**

All fees are payable on the day. 

If your ACC claim has been approved, please bring your confirmation letter with you so your visit can be lodged with ACC.

*Initial Consultation lower fee is for a dependant (under 18yrs) of a regular attending patient.

** Family consult refers to two or more members of the immediate family who have consecutive appointments. Each will be charged at the family consult rate. This fee is only for follow-up consultations, and does not include Initial Consultations for family members.

24 hrs minimum cancellation notice is required, otherwise a fee may be charged. 
Our answer phone is available 24 hours a day for appointments and cancellations.

$150  or  $90*





Before Your Appointment

Please avoid coffee, mint and chocolates 20-30 minutes before your treatment. The strong flavour of these may interfere with our homeopathy.


There are several forms that we will need you to complete before we can treat you. Please either allow an additional 15 minutes in the clinic prior to your appointment time, or complete the below forms and bring them with you.


If you are taking any medication or supplements, it is a good idea to write these down or bring them to your appointment so they can be tested on you.

Alpha Omega Chiropractor Clinic 356 2266
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