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Suboptimal Wellbeing Presents as Functional Illnesses

Unlike pathology, functional illness is not a single disease such as cancer or diabetes. It is a feeling of "dis-ease" or un-wellness caused by the body being stressed, usually on many levels, beyond its capacity to cope. Functional illness affects all of us to some extent from infancy to old age.

Functional illness presents as a combination of symptoms such as:

  • digestive problems

  • sleep disorders

  • lethargy

  • low grade depression

  • anxiety

  • neck pain

  • back pain 

  • sprains and strains 

  • headaches

  • allergies 

  • skin problems 

  • flu-like symptoms 

  • respiratory problems 

  • sinus problems 

  • chronic infections

  • low immunity

  • post viral syndromes

  • emotional fragility

  • and many more such conditions


The strain on body systems brings them close to their functional limits and when other systems cannot compensate for the increased stress, there will be some degree of failure. It is this failure that produces the symptoms that are typical of functional illness.

The treatment that we provide is aimed at the underlying dysfunctional body pattern that causes symptoms to develop. We alert your body to its problems, stimulating it to correct them. 


To do this we use muscle testing to evaluate your emotional, immune, and structural stresses.


Treatment may consist of:


  • the on-site provision of homeopathic remedies to correct the body's meridian system

  • nutrition guidance to support normal physiology 

  • gentle manipulation to restore musculoskeletal function

  • customised herbal remedies 

  • chiropractic acupuncture.

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