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Maintenance is about going beyond the absence of pain to achieve maximum performance and creating a safety buffer.

Many patients come to us with problems they have had for years. In these instances we are trying to correct inappropriate long standing body habits. For the first one or two weeks we will need to see you twice a week to restore normal function. We then increase the time between treatments as the body learns to maintain the corrected pattern.  Once stability has been achieved we recommend maintenance visits  at 2 or 3 monthly intervals. 

The younger the patient, and the shorter time the problem has been present, the faster stability is achieved. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, open communication and a positive mental attitude reduce the impact of stress, increasing your stability and the time between visits.

The reason for this is obvious. Throughout this website we talk about underlying causes. In reality we are also talking about ultimate causes. What is clear to us about the body is that its management is not simply the cumulative effect of a collection of cybernetic feedback loops (a core concept underlying the biomedical model) but rather the intelligent expression of the body’s innate capacity to cope. This capacity is constantly challenged by everyday life. Because of these challenges we accumulate micro-damage which undermines the overall system’s ability to cope. The objective of regular treatment is to identify and correct this micro-damage so that we not only avoid painful and debilitative symptoms but we perform to our maximum ability. For this reason our work can be summed up in the concept..

"... Health care for optimal wellbeing"

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